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Materials Guide

At CIRCA Luxury Piercing we offer the best quality piercing jewelry, which is why we work exclusively with biocompatible materials.

  • Solid gold:

At CIRCA Luxury Piercing you will find pieces of 14k and 18k solid gold piercing jewelry, totally nickel-free and biocompatible, suitable for first use.

Why don't you offer pieces of 24k solid gold for piercing jewelry?

Gold is by nature a soft material, it is the alloys that make it hard. 24k gold, since it does not have alloys, is too soft and some parts of the piercing (such as threads and hinges) will wear out very quickly.

  • Implant Grade Titanium:
ASTM F136 Implant Grade Titanium is a totally biocompatible material, it is the same grade of titanium that medicine uses to make implants. It is nickel free, so it is a hypoallergenic material.
Titanium is a lightweight material, which can be polished, thus avoiding metal imperfections that can impair the piercing and its healing, while reducing the chances of infections and setbacks in healing since it does not react with oxygen or body fluids from a new piercing.

Titanium has a natural silver color luster, but it can also be anodized to change the color of the metal without compromising its body-safety like with coatings of some materials.

  • 24k gold PVD:

Genuine 24k gold is used as a coating on jewelry using the PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) process.
The jewel is placed in a hot high vacuum chamber, where an electrical voltage is applied that vaporizes the material and turns it into small particles that are deposited on the jewel.
Once the process is complete, the jewel will have a hard shell that is durable and biocompatible.

Gold PVD is not the same as gold plated, although they are often confused as it is more durable and resistant. It has great resistance to daily wear and tear.

24 karat gold is the purest form of gold, nothing is added to the gold, rather the gold is dispersed so that it coats and adheres to the titanium material.
24 karat gold PVD over implant grade titanium is a strong and safe metal for piercings.