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Piercing Glossary

Ear Piercings:

  • Lobe: Piercing in the lower soft part of the ear.
  • Conch: The middle part located inside the ear.
  • Helix: The piercing is located on the outside of the upper part of the ear.
  • Industrial: A double piercing at the top of the ear, from side to side.
  • Flat: Piercing of the upper flat part of the ear.
  • Forward Helix: Piercing in the front of the ear, opposite the helix.
  • Rook: It is a vertical perforation in the inner crest of the ear, near the head.
  • Daith: Piercing inside the ear.
  • Tragus: It is a perforation in the small area in front of the ear canal.
  • Anti Tragus: Perforation that is carried out on the lobe, in the area opposite to the Tragus.

Nose Piercings:

  • Septum: Perforation that is made in the lower internal area of skin located in the nasal septum.
  • Nostril: Piercing on one side of the nose.